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More Green Belt destruction in Mill Hill …

St Vincent’s School

Update: 06/04/2018
St Vincent’s School had proposed a fence be built around it, although not for safety reasons, and the car park extended. Both proposals have been refused by the Council. An appeal is likely.
The other proposal involved land fill behind the school. This area is a nature reserve at present and a decision on the school’s plan is now with the Secretary of State and is expected this month. A number of objections have been lodged and the Council is concerned that if St Vincent’s is successful it would be a precursor for other applications.

Update: 20/04/2018
Cut off date for on-line objections has been extended to 10-05-2018, after residents objections to the consultation process.
Barnet Councils ‘Ludicrous’ catchment area basis is being looked into.

Update: 05/04/2018 New Application


Note: on-line objections to be received by: Tuesday 17/04/2018
(determination date: Friday 11-05-2018, meaning you may still email or post your objection up to this date, earlier the better for it to be considered, see below for details of addresses).

St Vincents School has put in a second application almost identical to plans rejected last year by Barnet’s Planning Officer.

We need your help to stop 30,000 tonnes of landfill being dumped on some of Mill Hill’s remaining untouched greenbelt land.

– Blatant money-making scheme

The school plans to dump 30,000 tonnes of landfill material on the greenbelt land between The Ridgeway and the top of Woodcote Avenue. The site called Drivers Hill Nature Reserve, is in the Mill Hill Conservation Area and has been listed by Barnet Council as a Site of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINC) – Grade 2. The school wants to build a sports pitch available only to St Vincent’s pupils and are prepared to destroy this untouched piece of land to do so.

– Wildlife at risk

This will put wildlife living on the field at risk including muntjac deer, foxes, bats, badgers, common nesting birds, slow-worms, frogs and toads, hedgehogs, harvest mice, owls, woodpeckers, kestrels, and buzzards.

Not only will much of these animals’ habitat be destroyed but noise disturbance from the machinery tearing through the land and ongoing use of the finished pitch will be detrimental to those who remain.

– Totally out of character with surrounding landscape

The landfill and pitch will create a 10m high ‘wall’ of land as a view from the top of Woodcote Avenue – taller than the houses it will overshadow!

– Houses at risk of flooding

We are also very concerned that changes to the field will make flooding more frequent as rainwater runs off the land and believe the school’s flood alleviation plans are insufficient to protect Woodcote Avenue.

– Houses at risk of subsidence

The revised documents state that 2,500 trucks will dump the landfill material over a 4 month period. This will mean 156 trucks a week between 9.30am and 3pm – disrupting local school traffic and residents’ daily movements. Trucks will clash with works traffic from the new development on the other side of the Ridgeway working on the former site of the National Institute of Medical Research. The sheer volume of so many trucks on the roads leading to the site may affect the foundations of houses along the route. We fear that the homes of many local residents will be at risk of subsidence by the continuous disturbance of so many trucks on roads that are simply not designed for such an onslaught day-in day-out.

– Traffic chaos in Woodcote Avenue and surrounding roads

We are unsure whether there will be access to the new pitch from Woodcote Avenue – the drawings show a gate to the site from Woodcote Avenue on one

plan and not the others. If there was access from Woodcote Avenue, this would affect our use of our local amenities and reduce already limited parking as parents flock to collect their children and watch matches.

– Light and Noise Pollution to local residents

The school has not mentioned installing floodlights, but we are concerned that this could be added if the site were to go ahead to maximise the hours they could use the pitch. This would further destroy (what’s left of) the habitat for wildlife through light pollution and the reducing the quality of life for residents.

We believe the use of landfill could make the school millions of pounds. But at what cost to nature?

View the application online at: and enter reference 18/1518/FUL

Send your email objections to:

Or by post to:

Senior Planning Officer, Hendon Area Team, Development Management & Building Control Service, Barnet House, 1255 High Road, London, N20 0EJ

You must quote the planning ref 18/1518/FUL and include your name, address, daytime phone number and email address in your correspondence

Or upload on the planning site at

using planning ref 18/1518/FUL and quoting the site address:
St Vincent’s School, The Ridgeway, London NW7 1EJ


Your objection will only count if you object on planning grounds like this:

1. Wildlife

E.g. The landfill scheme will decimate this Site of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINC). The Ecological Report states (Clause 5.2.4) that of the site area of 3.8 ha only some 1.38 ha will remain for wildlife – that means 2/3rds. of the SINC will be lost. This will have a massive impact on the wildlife, much of whom will lose their habitat. The impact of organised sport on a regular basis on the land will mean that much of the wildlife will disappear.

2. Traffic chaos

Since worked started on the site of the NIMR (National Institute of Medical Research) there has been increased traffic on surrounding roads and if this proposed scheme goes ahead the threat of over 30 trucks per day for four months will cause noise and air pollution, extensive traffic disruption to local roads and put many local houses at risk of subsidence

Make sure you put these points into your own words and add extra details as you wish. If the planning officer receives 100 identical objections then they will only count as one objection.

Hurry – We have until Tuesday 17th April 2018 to submit objections to this scheme!!!!

The Mill Hill Preservation Society’s 6 page objection letter to the scheme, which raises many important planning considerations, can be found by clicking this link below:

 St Vincents 2nd app (final) April 2018

Andrew Dismore AM
Labour Assembly Member for Barnet and Camden
Objections to St Vincent’s School Field Application can be found on this link below:

Hurry – We have until Tuesday 17th April 2018 to submit objections to this scheme!!!!

Note: on-line objections to be received by: Tuesday 17/04/2018
(determination date: Friday 11-05-2018, meaning you may still email or post your objection up to this date, earlier the better for it to be considered, see below for details of addresses).


Update:  02 May 2017 – Application Refused, expect an appeal

Barnet Council Planning Notice of Refusal:

Planning Officers Delegated Report:

The Ridgeway, London NW7 1EJ, have applied for planning permission to level this piece of unspoiled Green Belt land, between the Ridgeway and the top of Woodcote Avenue, Mill Hill.

The application proposes to fill this natural bowl, with 30,000 metric tonnes of landfill material, a procession of up to 156 dump trucks each day over a 4 month period negotiating the narrow streets to level this area of protected Green Belt land and designated Conservation Area.

If the project goes ahead, there will extensive heavy works traffic in the area, causing noise and damage to local roads. Most sadly there will be the loss of well established and extensive wildlife and their habitats in this area, such as badgers, muntjac deer, owls, woodpeckers.

The purpose of the landfill is to create a raised football pitch

– of which Mill Hill already has plenty!!!

This is purely a money-making venture for St Vincent’s!!

To view this application on-line, please go to:
and then enter reference 17/1204/FUL

To oppose this application:
Quote :
1) site address: St Vincent’s School, The Ridgeway, London NW7 1EJ
2) Application reference 17/1204/FUL
On-line objections are no longer being accepted, but they can be emailed (up till decision date) to:

or by post to:

Elizabeth Thomas
Barnet Council – Planning
Barnet House
1255 High Road
N20 0EJ

If you wish to get in touch or have any queries please contact us via our: Contact Page (for this St. Vincents application)

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